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The Gallery of Very Special Places is a complete listing of sites in North Country communities that have been nominated and documented by local residents and then designated by Traditional Arts in Upstate New York as outstanding local cultural landmarks. For more complete information on each site, click on the thumbnail photo on this page.

Other sites are frequently added to the Gallery and more or updated information may be added to existing sites. Check back occasionally to see what’s new. And add your own memory of a TAUNY Very Special Place by visiting our guestbook.

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The Adirondack Sport Shop

Adirondack Sport Shop - Wilmington, NY

Near the Ausable River and a few miles from Lake Placid, Fran Betters fashioned thousands of flies each year, telling “big stories” and teaching the art of trout fishing to longtime customers and newcomers alike in this small shop that’s a must stop for the serious sportsman.

Beth Joseph Synagogue

Beth Joseph Synagogue - Tupper Lake, NY

The small congregation of Jews who settled a century ago in this Adirondack lumbering village built this extraordinary synagogue that has recently been restored with a major community effort. Services, art exhibits and musical performances are available all summer long.


Birdsfoot Farm - Canton, NY

Since the 1970s, a small group of homesteaders has maintained “an intentional community,” or commune, and have developed a local reputation for organic farming and on a former dairy farm.

Crystal Restaurant

Burrville Cider Mill - Watertown

In an old mill beside a stunning waterfall, the Steiner family continues the fall tradition of pressing a variety of apples into cider and making cider doughnuts for the thousands of weekly visitors.

Crystal Restaurant

Camp Dudley, Westport, NY

Several dozen buildings in Adirondack rustic style look out over Lake Champlain from the campus of the oldest continuously operating children’s camp in the nation. Boys who later become loyal alumni return each year for outdoor recreation and a strong sense of community.

Monument Park

Monument Park - Carthage, NY

A park with several veterans memorials, the original burying ground, dominated by a tall obelisk with a Civil War soldier figure, is the gathering place for local ceremonies.



Clare & Carl's Texas Red Hots

Clare & Carl's - Plattsburgh, NY

Home to the local favorite “michigan” hot dog–served with a spicy meat sauce and chopped onions– and other treats made to order and still delivered to you by carhops, this modest roadside stand has been the frequent destination for generations of Lake Champlain summer residents.

Cooks Corners Schoolhouse

Cooks Corners Schoolhouse - Pierrepont, NY

Like others in rural New York State, this typical one room schoolhouse was closed in the mid-20th century, but local families acquired it for their community meeting place. Still well maintained, the group sponsors ice cream socials, winter card parties and other events all year long.

Croghan Island Mill

Croghan Island Mill - Croghan, NY

The oldest continuously operating water-powered lumber mill in New York State, now owned and operated by the Martin family. The mill produces custom made windows and doors and all kinds of special moldings for new construction and renovations, including historic preservation projects.

Crystal Restaurant

Crystal Restaurant - Watertown, NY

Little seems to have changed in the decor of this classic businessman’s eatery on Public Square in Watertown since it first opened. Pressed tin ceilings and mosaic tile floor are matched in era with the modest prices and the friendly service offered by the Dephtereos family.

Dick's Country Store, Music Oasis & Gun City

Dick's Country Store, Music Oasis & Gun City, Churubusco, NY

A little bit of heaven for the bluegrass music fan who also loves to hunt, this ordinary looking building on Route 11 east of Chateaugay offers not only basic staples for neighbors but an amazing selection of guns, the greatest names in stringed instruments, and frequent live music jam sessions.

Crystal Restaurant

Donnelly’s Ice Cream Stand - Saranac Lake, NY

This small stand in front of the former family dairy barn and milk processing plant has been the place for summer Adirondack residents and tourists to find creamy soft ice cream–only one flavor each day of the week–for over 50 years. 

Dick's Country Store, Music Oasis & Gun City

E. M. Marilley and Company - Croghan, NY

This family-run general store played a huge role in Lewis County’s past. Not at all a museum--though it surely looked like one!)--Jim Marilley sold sharp cheddar cheese from a big block, hunting clothes, gardening tools, and nearly everything else you could ever need.

Freeman's Taffy Stand

Freeman’s Old-Style Taffy Stand - Lowville, NY

Since 1895 members of the Freeman family have made old-fashioned stick taffy in the small white building that’s a permanent fixture on the grounds of the annual Lewis County Fair.



Hopkinton Town Green

Hopkinton Town Green, Hopkinton, NY

A park established by settlers two centuries ago at the main intersection in the hamlet is surrounded by the Congregational Church, the town hall and the town museum and library.



Italian American Civic Association

Italian American Civic Association - Massena, NY

A private men’s club in the old Italian neighborhood thrives as one of a handful of ethnic social clubs still left in the North Country. A great social gathering place, the men regularly cook for themselves and guests and play card games that trace back to their immigrant grandfathers’ day.

Lazy River Playground

Lazy River Playground - Hermon, NY

Built in the 1940s by John Grandy along a still section of the Grasse River as a place to swim, picnic and enjoy summer days, Lazy River still welcomes local people for family reunions, office parties and a genuine good time playing miniature golf, roller skating or just watching the river go by.

Lloyds of Lowville

Lloyd's of Lowville - Lowville, NY

A classic diner by the side of the road, Lloyd’s was started by Lloyd Rasmussen in the 1920s to serve workers at the nearby bowling pin factory and cheese plant and has served diner food in a community atmosphere ever since.

Palace Theater

Palace Theater - Lake Placid, NY

This large theater in the heart of downtown Lake Placid has been the entertainment centerpiece of the town since the 1920s. Now the home of the annual Lake Placid Film Forum, it has also gained national celebrity for its restored theater organ.


The Redford Carousel

The Redford Carousel - Redford, NY

Original carved horses and sleighs on this rare antique carousel are maintained and operated by volunteers from the tiny parish of the Church of the Assumption which owns this amusement ride and offers rides on it only one day each year, for the church’s annual Redford Picnic in August.

Santa's Workshop

Santa's Workshop - Wilmington, NY

Still the place to go for “believers,” Santa’s Workshop may well have been the very first theme park in America. Here you can still find the original charming buildings, including Santa’ house, a barn full of live reindeer and, of course, the old fellow himself and his elves to entertain the whole family.

Six Nations Indian Museum

Six Nations Indian Museum - Onchiota, NY

Decades ago, the Fadden family created this museum on their own property in the very heart of the Adirondack woods to present the history and arts of Iroquois people. They continue to offer personally guided tours of their fascinating collection in this replica of a traditional longhouse.

Sunday Rock

Sunday Rock - South Colton, NY

This 32-ton granite boulder alongside Route 56 has long been considered the early marker between civilized communities in the St. Lawrence Valley and the Adirondack wilderness where loggers worked seven days a week in the lumberwoods, with no Sundays off.

St. Regis Catholic Church

St. Regis Catholic Church, Akwesasne

In one of the oldest buildings in the region, this church congregation was established by French Catholic priests as a mission to the Indians in the 18th century.  Masses and funerals are still celebrated in the Mohawk language on occasion.

Thomas MAEZ Church

Thomas Memorial African American Methodist Episcopal Zion Church - Watertown, NY

Founded by a former slave and later a stop on the Underground Railroad and the center of life for the small African American community working in factories, this historic church is an important piece of black history in northern New York.


Veronica Terrillion's Woman-Made House and Garden

Veronica Terrillion's Woman-Made House and Garden - Indian River, NY

Along a lonely Lewis Count road, who would expect a roadside garden of zebras, giraffes, black bears, St. Francis and the Virgin Mary and, better yet, all made of concrete? The personal creations of one woman still bear witness to her personal faith and love of nature and family for passersby to see.


Vivekananda Cottage - Wellesley Island, NY

While all of the fascinating community of Thousand Island Park is on the National Register for its Victorian gingerbread architecture, one cottage on a hilltop remains the retreat for followers of the Ramakrishna cleric Swami Vivekananda who come each summer from around the world to study and contemplate.

Wanakena Footbridge

Wanakena Footbridge, Wanakena, NY

At 171 feet, this bridge is said to be the longest wooden suspension bridge in the United States. It was built for lumber company workers to get from the sawmills on one side of the Oswegatchie to their homes in the hamlet on the other side.

Woodward Boat Shop

Woodward Boat Shop - Saranac Lake, NY

Now owned and operated by Chris Woodward, this small shop on the outskirts of Saranac Lake has been a home to the legendary Adirondack guideboat since Willard Hanmer first built and repaired them in the 1930s.

Zenda Farm Preserve

Zenda Farm Preserve - Clayton, NY

An agricultural heritage site dating back to the 1930s and now managed by the Thousand Islands Land Trust, with over 400 acres of working hay and grazing fields and a number of steel barns, silos, and outbuildings.


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